A Short History of the Custodian

During the industrial revolution factories grew and so did the demand for workers.

People move to cities to live, work and learn. It was beginning of a major social change. This also was the beginning of moving from an outdoor agricultural age to the indoor environment of the industrial age. Large buildings and multi-family home dominated city life. Environmental conditions within most facilities were poorly ventilated, dirty, crowded quickly making making public health a top priority. It was imperative that cleanliness become the order of the day a clean environment very important to the public health in university environment where people work together and study together in close proximity such as in residence halls, in lounges and cafeterias libraries. We need to have a clean environment we need to be able to reduce the transmission of germs and make sure that people have a health and safe place to work as the demand for workers grew cities grew too. Same for ejendomsservice København.

Maybe a bit too much environmental conditions in cities and factories were loaded with dirt, germs, leading to health hazards ranging from sickness to major disease outbreaks epidemics, even death all this great progress was making a big mess.

We needed order and cleanliness, not more stuff. We needed custodians because they play a vital role in public health. Custodians are the real heroes of the industrial revolution. Not so long ago custodians were called janitors, a term derived from the roman deity Janus, the keeper of the keys custodian of treasures in ancient times. The title of janitor was the person responsible for protecting the household from both interior and exterior threats looking both forward and back Janus could see in all directions preserving and protecting all that was important. Even today their role is to put things in order improve and protect the quality of life restore an environment to pleasing or satisfactory, appearance control, indoor air quality, help prevent infections allergies and illness, in fact, more people have probably died from germ related diseases than from all the wars combined in our history. When we have an outbreak of infectious disease on-campus our custodial staff come in and cleanup. Especially like the campus bath and it's really important and I don't think it's something that I really notice how clean it is but if it were really dirty it would definitely be...

A distraction, it's really important because it's hard to work in a messy environment for me, at least students rank cleanliness as one of the most important elements of their personal learning. Custodians maintain the environment so students will thrive. Our custodial team play a vital role in keeping this a world-class university, we at building services are very proud of our custodial team that makes this a safe clean and healthy environment and makes it warm and inviting to our guests as Plant, Building, and Grounds services provides the optimal learning environment academic excellence follows the University of Michigan has won awards for it's cleaning programs. I'm reminded of the story of a reporter who was in the NASA space center and he came upon a custodian and asked him what he did and the custodian said I help send astronauts to the moon we all win because we're safer and healthier with our expert custodians one more reason why we're the leaders and best in all that we do