The 10 Supremely Best Things to Do Whilst Lost in St Petersburg

Saint Petersburg is a very diverse city, and a typical guide will give you a full list of museums and palaces to visit during your trip to the Russian capital of culture. Although everyone deserves to be explored, you can also think outside the box to explore different and more authentic sides of the city. With that in mind, here is a list of things to do in St. Petersburg so that you can make the most of your time in this beautiful city.

1. Create a canal tour

River cruises are the perfect way to spend a great summer day and one of the best ways to explore the monuments and architecture of the city. Saint Petersburg is legally worthy of being called “Venice of the North”. In fact, ships were originally intended to be the only means of travel between the islands. The city bridge was built much later. Cruises do not work in winter because the river is completely covered with ice. Therefore, it is worth visiting during the hottest months of this year.

2. Watch the track at night

As part of the construction of St. Petersburg, it was designed as a port and naval base, which for many years. The Neva is still the main artery of the city. Many ships sail there every day. For large ships to the port, all the bridges over the river are lit and designed at night and offer a spectacular view.

3. Eat Russian donuts covered with pyshka sugar

This sweet snack is still an all-time favourite in St. Petersburg. After the 1917 revolution, companies emerged that offered inexpensive desserts and coffee. While these old restaurants still replaced trendy cafes, some still existed and attracted many visitors. One store, in particular, Pyshechnaya, has a good reputation and is worth a visit if you are walking from the city centre.

4. Climb to the top of Saint Isaac’s Cathedral

Saint Isaac’s Cathedral, built in the 19th century, is one of the tallest buildings in Saint Petersburg. It is still one of the largest Orthodox basilicas in the world. Take advantage of the great height and go directly to the top of the column. This climb of 262 steps deserves a spectacular view of the city. In summer (from May 1 to October 31), the column is open until 10:30 a.m. So, that way to avoid the morning crowds it is best taking a visit at night where everything will be completely pitch black apart from the street lights.

5. Visit a local property (bathroom)

Long before bathing becomes commonplace in every home, families use a banja (a kind of public bath) every week. Today it really is more of a hobby for people than it is a necessity, that said, St. Petersburg still strives to preserve ancient traditions. Try a birch leaf or eucalyptus massage in a Turkish bath for a real experience. The treatment is ideal for improving blood circulation and cleaning the body. Try a session at Degtyarnye Ban, which offers a variety of treatments.

6. Have a glass of vodka at Ryumochnaya

The word Ryumochnaya is not a direct English translation. The next concept may be a bar, but it refers to certain types of activities that have very Soviet characteristics. The drinks are shaped like a glass (schnapps) or a bottle (beer). Snacks are available, but usually nothing special. Just focus on the local crowd and drink together.

7. Explore the city on the metro

Taking the metro is one of the most convenient ways to get around. The train is organized, goes everywhere and is easy to navigate. However, only the metro stations are worth seeing just to admire their project. No two stations are identical and decorated with tiles of different colours, large interior installations and sometimes even sculptures. Some of the best resorts are Avtovo, , Pushkinskaya, Zvenigorodskaya, Sportivnaya and Bucharestskaya.

8. Stay overnight in Dumskaya

You never think about it during the day because you’’ be amazed by what is all around you, but Dumskaya is famous for its nightlife, famous for its wild parties and cheap drinks. The streets are full of different bars; Try to get them all if you dare! What you should see when you jump into the bar is a “Boyarsky” drink, a spicy blend of vodka, grenadine and tabasco. The main place is Straza, an old place of games and alcohol. Now casinos are banned and on gaming days roulette and betting on slot machines are no longer in St. Petersburg. Now Straza is a bar / club where the fiercest nights are spent.

9. Prepare your portrait of a local street artist.

On Nevsky Street, you will see many street artists, some of whom are working on famous landmarks and views of the river, and others waiting for pedestrians to sit for portraits. They are scattered throughout the city, but many congregate in Ekaterininsky Park on Nevsky Prospekt. You can support local artists and buy souvenirs at a reasonable price.

10. Visit Peter’s roof

There are no modern skyscrapers or in the city centre. Local people and government are working together to carefully preserve and renovate old buildings so that many residential buildings do still have full access to the building’s roofs. Since the wonderful building where put together so closely, you can really walk together on the roof. It is a unique and adventurous way to see St. Petersburg, although it is not recommended in humid climates as the roof can be slippery. Residents do not know which roofs can be reached and mini-businesses have already started to organize trips. Take the opportunity to admire the city from a completely different angle.